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What are challenges and countermeasures of enterprises after the emergence of SA8000 certification?

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After the SA8000 certification appeared, it was a challenge for enterprises. What will be the countermeasures for the company to take in the face of challenges?

Firstly, challenges

1. Unprecedented opportunities

After China's accession to the WTO, with the reduction of tariffs and the abolition of quotas, Chinese products have more export opportunities; the international trade environment is more transparent, and the original export advantages of enterprises, such as sales channels and customer resources, are exposed to broad daylight, buyers With more choices, the competition between exporting enterprises becomes the real competition for strength and fair competition.

Export processing enterprises must clearly understand that competitiveness is not only a good quality and low price product, but the overall management level of the enterprise. Labor standards have become a necessary and key factor in product competitiveness, how to product cost and labor Finding a balance between problems is a major issue that business leaders must address.

2. Unprecedented pressure

In recent years, international buyers have paid more and more attention to cooperation with suppliers. They require an assessment of the overall management level of suppliers, including production capacity, quality control, product development, delivery period, crisis management, environmental protection and labor. Protection, etc., then re-screen suppliers based on the supplier's overall situation, focusing on supporting outstanding suppliers and eliminating poorly performing suppliers, especially those with serious labor problems.

In recent years, some companies have paid a heavy price for labor problems. For example, a toy factory in Shenzhen was disqualified from being a supplier for alleged child labor and overtime work. The owner of Nanjing United International Stationery Co., Ltd. was sentenced in the United States for exporting forced labor products. .

Secondly, our countermeasures

On the one hand, it is an unprecedented opportunity, on the other hand, it is unprecedented pressure. The result of the impact of the two will definitely be unprecedented competition. Faced with such a severe situation, Chinese enterprises, especially export processing enterprises, should take active measures to understand the needs and expectations of European and American customers through various channels, understand the situation and development trend of international trade, and then adjust corporate policies and strategies. Maintain your own advantages, develop new competitive advantages, and strive to become an industry leader. Generally consider the following steps:

1. Change the concept and attach great importance to it. The labor issue is a sensitive issue in current international trade activities and it is a non-tariff trade barrier. We should realize that after the price competition and quality competition, the era of labor standard competition has come, and reasonable working conditions and harmonious labor relations will soon become a new competitive advantage.

2. Strengthen employee training and raise awareness of employees. Good social responsibility management requires the participation and cooperation of all members of the company. Many companies only discovered the problems of the company after accepting the buyer's audit, and then realized the seriousness of the problem. So they invited experts to explain the labor regulations and European and American customer requirements, improve the understanding of all employees, especially the management personnel, and take measures to improve the labor management of the factory. .

3. Establish a management system, review regularly, and correct existing problems in a timely manner. Regular audits can identify problems in a timely manner and correct them in time to avoid serious labor disputes, such as collective strikes, media exposure or legal proceedings, so that buyers can cancel orders.

4. Long-term plan, continuous improvement. For certain problems that are difficult to solve at the moment, such as plant equipment, working conditions, welfare facilities, etc., the company can plan in the long run and gradually improve.

5. Seek expert advice and move towards higher standards. The labor issue involves a wide range of areas, involving the development of the company and the interests of employees. Seeking expert advice can help the company improve working conditions, improve working conditions, adopt cost-effective measures, establish a systematic management system, and establish prevention and prevention. Feedback mechanism to maintain high standards.

6. Improve the management system, seek third-party certification, and become an industry leader. Through SA8000 social responsibility management system certification and product social responsibility logo certification, we can show the company's social responsibility commitment and performance to customers, employees and the public, strengthen communication and cooperation with stakeholder groups, and become industry leaders.

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