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Precautions for Primark audit (2)

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This article is followed by the previous article 'Precautions for Primark audit (1)

Second, the personnel information of Primark's inspection matters

1. Juvenile worker

1.1. Underage workers are workers who have reached the age of 16 but are under 18 years of age.

1.2. If the factory employs a juvenile worker, it must provide a medical examination for the juvenile worker and apply to the labor department for registration.

1.3. If juvenile workers participate in the inspection, they should pay special attention to verifying that their ID card is true and false and that the ID card is their own.

1.4. If you can, it is best not to hire underage workers. If there are underage workers, it is best not to let them participate in the factory.

2. Factory registration form:

2.1. The entry registration form should include: name, date of birth, address, ID number, employee signature, date of entry, photo, copy of ID card, contact number, work resume, etc.

2.2. If the validity period of the ID card has passed, it must be replaced in time.

2.3. It should be noted that the date of entry or the date of completion on the registration form cannot be the rest day on the work card.

2.4. Pay attention to the identification of the true and false of the employee's ID card, whether the certificate is his or her own.

2.5. To distinguish between true and false ID cards, you can check online or download the inquiry software.

3. Labor Contract:

3.1. After the employee enters the factory, he promises to sign the labor contract and return to the labor department visa within one month.

3.2. It should be noted that the date of signing on the contract cannot be a rest day on the work card. The visa date of the labor department cannot be Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays.

3.3. Trial period of the contract: The old employee cannot renew the contract without a trial period. The new employee's contract period is one year and the probation period cannot exceed one month.

3.4. If the contract contains questions about the wages for work stoppages, the minimum standard for subsidized wages is based on the local minimum wage.

3.5. A copy should be sent to the employee after the contract is signed. It is also best to ask the worker to sign and confirm that a copy of the contract has been obtained.

Third, the wage hours of the matters of Primark's inspection

1. Acceptable attendance records:

1.1. IC card swipe card attendance record.

1.2. Punch clock punch card attendance record, but the employee needs to sign and confirm on the work card every month.

1.3. Manual attendance records, but the time of the employee's commute (including overtime) needs to be accurately recorded and confirmed by the employee every day.

2. Payroll:

2.1. The payroll is best based on the hourly wage, avoiding the use of piece-rate wages, because the hourly wage is simple and easy to do, and the piece-rate wage is complicated and complicated, especially the overtime pay is not good.

2.2. Payroll The form is designed according to the actual situation of the factory, but it is necessary to list the normal work wages and overtime pay.

2.3. If the deduction is involved in the salary list, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the amount of deduction is reasonable. For example, deducting the employee's accommodation fee is 100 yuan per person per month, 8 people per room, then the factory will receive 800 employees per room per month. Yuan rent, if the rent of the same level of room in the local is higher than 800 yuan / month, the factory deduction is reasonable, if the same level of room in the local rent is less than 800 yuan, the factory deduction is not Reasonable, then the factory will reduce the number of deductions to reasonable.

2.4. The employee's signature must be on the payroll.

2.5. There must be a pay date on the payroll. The factory can't pressure workers to pay more than 30 days. For example, the salary in July should be paid before August 30.

3. Note when preparing the work card:

3.1. There can be no record of 7 consecutive days of work.

3.2. The total number of days to go to work, the total number of hours of overtime work, the total number of overtime hours on rest days is clearly written on the work card, which is convenient for calculating wages and inspections.

3.3. If you do not apply to the Labor Bureau for extension of overtime work, the overtime hours cannot exceed 36 hours per month. If you apply for overtime approval, the monthly overtime can reach 72 hours (Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day, work overtime) 2 hours, 8 hours overtime on Saturday, rest on Sunday).

3.4. There can be no agreed punching records, that is, there can be no employees who have the same commute time for several consecutive days.

Fourth, the rules and regulations of the factory of Primark's inspection of the factory

1. If an employee violates the rules and regulations of the factory, he or she cannot be punished with a fine. It is best to punish by a verbal warning, a small record, and a big record.

2. It is not possible to charge a “factory deposit” or to detain or mortgage an employee’s certificate.

3. Factory regulations are best mentioned with paid annual leave, 5 days for those who have worked for less than five years, 7 days for those who have not completed 10 years, and 10 days for those who have not completed 20 years. For more than 20 years, 14 days, at the same time, should be reflected in the salary.

Fifth, social insurance for matters related to Primark audit

1.1. Insurance types include pension, work injury, medical care, unemployment and maternity insurance.

1.2. If you are unable to provide all of the above five types of insurance for all employees (ie, lack of any type of insurance or if employees do not have insurance), provide the following information:

1.2.1. Proof of payment for insurance for employees - tax payment certificate / bank payment form.

1.2.2. The certificate issued by the local government department proves that the factory has purchased insurance for the employees according to local requirements, and the proof should clearly state how many employees and those insurances were purchased. Has met the requirements of the local government.

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