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Take three passes and easily pass the Disney audit

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Today's Disney is far more than an industry of animated films, Disney watches, Disney jewelry, Disney girls, Disney bags, Disney household items, Disney plush toys, Disney electronics and many other industries. Since many people have grown up watching Disney's cartoons from a young age, Disney's major industries have been well received by consumers and have achieved great commercial value. And Disney's manufacturers in China are also growing. For manufacturers, how to easily and smoothly pass the Disney inspection, so that they continue to become the manufacturer of this famous international brand is one of their most concerned issues. In fact, as long as you carefully take the following three levels, it is naturally a very easy thing to audit through Disney.

The first pass: employee review:

The first point: the age of the smallest worker in the factory; it is worth noting that the manufacturer must not use child labor. If the worker is less than 15 years of age on the day of the audit (or below the legal 14 years of age set by some countries), the violation is a child labor violation.

The second point: Does the factory have procedures to help school-age children gain work experience?

The third point: whether the factory restricts the employment of workers under the age of 18.

The fourth point: what procedures are used by the factory to review the age of workers;

Fifth point: Whether all workers are voluntarily coming to work, manufacturers must not employ any forced or non-voluntary labor, whether it is prison labor, slave labor, indentured labor or other labor. The factory guarantees the way workers volunteer to go to work.

Sixth point: There are workers with special identities in the organizational structure of workers.

Seventh point: What are the basic tasks of the guard?

The eighth point: the reward and punishment system for workers;

The ninth point: the salary of workers, including the minimum salary, calculation method and payment method.

The tenth point: the welfare of the factory to employees;

The eleventh point: the working hours of workers, rest time and the company's overtime and vacation system.

Twelfth point: diet, drinking status and the living conditions of workers. The manufacturer will provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations and ensure that they have at least reasonable access to drinking water and sanitation. Facilities; fire safety; and adequate lighting and ventilation. The manufacturer will also ensure that the same health and safety standards are applied when providing any housing for employees.

The second pass: safety review:

The first point: whether the fire prevention measures are in place;

The second point: the employee's safety awareness and the company's training of employees on safety knowledge;

The third pass: the issue of safe production.

The third level: the manager's review: including the number of employees managed by each supervisor, the status of the supervisor's answering questions for the employees, etc.

I believe that as long as you take care of it carefully, you will be able to pass the Disney audit.

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