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Target audit checklist - health and safety

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Target audit checklist - health and safety

1. Protective equipment (such as eye masks, earplugs) must be worn in a work environment that is harmful to employees.

2. The dormitory of the factory must comply with fire safety, the size of the room and the number of employees in each room must be reasonable.

3. Does the factory have an emergency lighting system installed?

4. Are workers restricted in using toilets and drinking water?

5. Does the company provide sufficient documentation, records and relevant evidence?

6. Does the company's management understand and respect the legal and regulatory requirements?

7. Does the factory provide labor insurance supplies for employees free of charge?

8. Does the company have an emergency contact number?

9. Is there an emergency response plan? Are there regular drills and tests?

10. Is there enough trained first aid staff? Can I get emergency medical care if necessary? Does the workshop have enough first aid kits?

12. Does the factory take practical measures to control occupational hazards?

13. A sufficient number of safe exits, safe exits, must be kept open at all times.

14. Employees must receive training in fire drills.

15. Does the factory prevent workers from being unnecessarily exposed to harmful work environments?

16. Does the factory have a “three-in-one” or “two-in-one” plant?

17. If the dormitory is provided, is the dormitory clean, safe and hygienic?

18. Does the dormitory area meet the requirements of the current regulations and meet the basic needs?

19. Does the factory provide laundry and washing equipment?

20. Does the facility provide enough bath or bathing equipment?

21. Is there a safety and health system to detect, prevent and respond to potential threats to safety and health?

22. Are male and female dormitories separated to effectively protect worker privacy?

23. Does the factory have a person appointed to take charge of the safety and health of the factory?

24. Does the facility establish an accident investigation, reporting and processing procedure?

25. Does the factory provide workers with clean and adequate toilets.

26. Does the factory provide qualified drinking water for workers?

27. Does the machine have appropriate safety devices?

28. The number of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants shall be the same as the size of the factory.

29. Is the number of fire emergency lights and fire extinguishers in the factory sufficient? Can the fire extinguisher be used normally?

30. Is the plant structure safe and properly maintained?

31. Does the factory keep records of work accidents?

32. Does the Personnel Department have new recruits to conduct pre-job safety training?

33. If necessary, is there a hygienic food storage facility?

34. Is the canteen equipment and food clean and clean?

35. Is the number of safe exports of factory buildings and dormitories sufficient?

Health and safety are essential, and one with sound health can work harder. Therefore, the factory must pay special attention to safety and health.

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