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Document list for BEPI CMA

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Document list for BEPI CMA 

Please prepare the below documents before the audit for review:


•Business license, facility layout 

•Environment management certificate such as ISO14011

•Environment law and regulation register, training records for the law and regulation update

•Water extraction permit (if applicable) 

•Permit to discharge wastewater / air / noise / solid waste (if applicable)

•ETP operation / landfilling / incineration permit (if applicable) 

•Corrective action plan for the environment office notice on legal environment violation


•Waste inventory 

•Waste management and disposal procedure 

•Waste collector/disposer's license, transfer record, contract

•Recycle facilities' contract and license 

•Sludge disposal records

•Training for waste responsible person

•Facility drainage layout 

•Water management procedure

•Wastewater management procedure 

•Wastewater monitoring report of in past 24 months 

•Detox wastewater monitoring reports in past 2 years  

•Air emission inventory

•Air emission management procedure 

•Air emission monitoring report of in past 24 months 

Health & Safety

•OHSAS18001 or similar certificate OHSAS18001

•H&S management procedure

•H&S risk identify, evaluation and control form

•H&S Committee organization chart

•Internal H&S Audit in past 2 years

•H&S training record

•Emergency response management procedure

•Accident / incident log and the corrective action

•Regular occupational hazard factory monitoring report of past 2 years

•Testing report of drinking water in past 2 years

•Lock out/ tag our procedure

•Confined space management regulation

Chemical Management

•Policy to ensure chemicals comply with MRSL/RSL and legal legislation

•Chemical management manual and procedures

•Chemical inventory

•Regular chemical consumption stock checking record

•Incident record of chemical leak

•Investigation and corrective action for over 5% variance during the stock checking

•Chemical leak risk identify and response plan

•Procure to check the expiry of all chemicals and handle the expired chemicals

•REACH Conformance management procedure

•Chemical select and purchase procedure

•Chemical sample and testing record

•Chemical supplier's declaration letter on RSL/MRSL conformance

•Service Contract / agreement with the contractors, Eg. Pest control / machine maintenance

•Chemical risk assessment record

•Communication records with suppliers on RSL/MRSL

•Written plan/ target to Phase out the hazardous substance

•Durable water repellent control procedure (if applicable) DWR

•Positive list from chemical suppliers

•Appointment letter of chemical responsible person

•Chemical training records for workers who handling chemicals

•Document retention procedure

•Chemical purchase record

•Incoming chemical acceptance record

•First in and first our policy and the relevant record

•All chemicals' MSDS

•PPE Management procedure

•Regular drill of chemical leak response

•Internal audit record of chemical management system

•Chemical change management procedure

•Management procedure and record of PCBs / asbestos / Mercury

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