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Inditex (Zara) factory audit checklist

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The Inditex audit is required to prepare the original of the following documents and request permission to copy the samples.

1. Work card or attendance record (last 12 months), including on- and off-the-job personnel. If electronic attendance is used, the auditor may need to review the attendance records directly from the computer, and the review will be conducted with the assistance of the company staff.

2. Payroll (in the past 12 months), including on-the-job and resigned staff. If the salary is paid by bank transfer, please also provide a bank transfer record.

3. Employee roster and employee personal files (including copy of ID card) 4. Labor contract 5. Leave record, resignation application / approval record

6. Social insurance receipts, insured personnel roster, local insurance requirements documents or certification documents, etc.

7. Business license.

8. Construction project fire safety acceptance report or fire record record, fire inspection report.

9. Special equipment registration certificates (tables) and inspection reports such as fire drill records, emergency evacuation plans and work injury records, such as elevators, cranes, special motor vehicles in the field (plant), boilers and pressure vessels (including gas cylinders, Pressure gauges and safety valves).

10. Production records, such as production daily reports, broken needle records, piece count records, and quality inspection records.

11. Operational certificates for special operators, such as electricians, welders, etc. (if any); operating permit for special equipment operators, such as elevator drivers, crane drivers, special motor vehicle drivers in the field (plant), boiler operators, pressure Container operator, etc. (if any).

12. Kitchen catering service permit and kitchen health certificate.

13. Occupational hazard factor test report and occupational health check-up record.

14. Environmental protection documents (such as construction project environmental impact assessment document (environmental impact report, environmental impact report form or environmental impact registration) Table), environmental impact assessment, construction project environmental completion acceptance report, sewage permit/emission pollutant declaration registration form/monitoring report, radiation equipment (if any), environmental assessment, acceptance and safety permit, etc.).

15. Business licenses, business licenses, hazardous waste treatment contracts, hazardous waste transfer orders, etc. of hazardous waste disposal units 16. Enterprise rules and regulations or employee handbooks.

17. The government's local minimum wage standard documents.

18. The local labor bureau approves the comprehensive working hours work system or extends the overtime approval.

19. Juvenile workers medical examination and labor bureau registration records.

20. Building plan.

21. The employment files of labor dispatch workers (including copy of ID card, date of entry, etc.), attendance and payroll records, labor contracts, social insurance receipts and certificates of conformity, contracts with labor dispatch units and business licenses of labor dispatch units .

22. List of chemicals, chemical substance safety data sheets and chemical safety training records, and emergency rescue plans or exercises for hazardous chemical accidents.

23. List of machinery and equipment.

24. Other documents (as required for review).

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