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A collection of important problems at Costco audits

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The Costco audit is a compliance requirement of Costco for its suppliers. It is mainly about an integrated management system based on social responsibility. Whether the employer, salary, salary and benefits meet local laws and regulations, whether the human rights of employees are respected, and whether the working environment is in line with occupational health and safety. Its method of inspection, in addition to traceability, is different from the standard system certification is to conduct employee sample interviews.

Costco audit important problems:

1. Legality of the company: The customer confirms whether the company is legal and safe by checking the company's business license, tax registration certificate, fire escape map and other documents.

2. Working hours: the company must be in accordance with local laws and regulations to ensure the rest of the I, at least weekly rest days, work can not exceed 60 hours a week.

3. Labor remuneration: Overtime work and regular holidays overtime pay the employees' wages according to the rates stipulated by local laws, and the monthly salary cannot be lower than the local minimum wage. Guests will generally check the employee attendance and payroll records for the last 3 months or 12 months.

4. Child labor and juvenile workers: The company absolutely prohibits the company from employing child laborers under the age of 16 and can accept the employment of underage workers aged 16 and over and under 18 years of age, but must have approval from the government and practical actions to ensure the underage workers. Physical and mental health.

5. Discrimination: Guests are not allowed to discriminate in terms of gender, race, age, and belief in the recruitment and promotion of employees. The inspection personnel will generally view all the personnel files of the incumbent personnel and the personnel files and labor contracts that have been resigned for the last 6 months.

6. Anti-terrorism: There must be corresponding procedures for the flow of personnel and the circulation of goods, as well as corresponding operational records. For the company's physical security, needle management must keep records according to customer requirements.

7. Disciplinary measures: The guests do not accept the company to impose any fines, snoring and other measures on the employees, and do not accept the company's forced labor.

8. Health and Safety: The company must provide a healthy and safe workplace and necessary environmental protection measures and related licenses. For the employees of special occupations, there must be corresponding operation certificates.

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