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What is Zero Tolerance Standard of the Starbucks Factory

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The Zero Tolerance Standard of Starbucks factory audit:

1. Attempted bribery

2. Commitment to continuous improvement

3. Child labor

4. Forced laborers

5. No pay

6. Physical / sexual abuse and sexual harassment

7. Refusal to Assessment Starbucks requires suppliers to provide their business, policies, procedures and other relevant records to Starbucks and its designated third parties.

The supplier must announce the name, address and ownership of all the plants that will be used to produce for Starbucks, including subcontractors.

The importance of transparency is determined primarily by the transparency of the factory. Improvement of performance requirements procedures and termination of business cooperation The decision to continue to cooperate with existing suppliers is only a violation of a transparency principle, and all efforts to implement other codes of conduct will be ruined.

Commitment to continually improve Starbucks' desire for suppliers to demonstrate continuous improvement and participate in the process of improvement Child labor Suppliers cannot hire any worker under the age of 15 If local compulsory education is over 15 years of age, follow local regulations.

Forced Labor Starbucks does not tolerate the use of any forced or involuntary labor by our suppliers, contractors or subcontractors.

What is forced labor?Forced labor is imposed by imposing penalties on workers for involuntary labor. Easily identifiable forms: prisoner labor, mentoring labor, slave labor, forced overtime, other forms that are difficult to identify:

Contract laborers who have to pay too much for prepaid expenses have to borrow. They cannot leave before paying off their debts. All workers, including trainees, must be paid cash no less than the statutory low wage. Workers must be paid regularly on a regular basis. Physical/Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment Suppliers must not use or allow corporal punishment or any other form of physical or mental coercion, including abusive and sexual harassment.

Refusal assessment

Suppliers must allow third parties approved by Starbucks or Starbucks to check their records, facilities and conduct employee interviews without prior notice.

For non-compliant factories: Choose new suppliers, non-compliant suppliers will not get any Starbucks Starbucks business. Buyers can choose to use the CAR program to correct non-compliance. The business will only be granted after the second on-site assessment confirms that the corrective action requires successful CAR implementation.

Do not implement social responsibility: Existing suppliers must accept behavioral correction requirements without performing social responsibility.

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