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Why do you need SA8000 certification?

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Why do you need to carry out SA8000 certification? 

It is understood that the establishment of SA8000 originated from the fact that a clothing company in the United States illegally employed child labor and forced the work to be exposed for a long time. Subsequently, some internationally renowned brands have established their own social responsibility standards. After seven years, today's SA8000 is no longer a new term in manufacturing companies in the US and Europe.

The SA8000 process can increase the attractiveness of a business to existing and potential workers, and people will certainly be more eager to choose companies that are more ethical and act on human rights. SA8000 will be popular in the future because companies want to show their willingness to improve the working environment and working conditions. This standard system has been praised almost everywhere in the world because it stipulates some other systems to avoid.

SA8000 has entered a period of widespread cognition in European and American countries. Therefore, in the European and American markets, export products and export enterprises targeting developed countries are gradually increasing their use of the SA8000 standard.

According to reports, German importers have enacted the "Social Code of Conduct" under the authority of the SA8000 Association, and the review of suppliers' social behavior is quite strict. Two other textile importing countries: France and the Netherlands are also preparing to review the same standards. The same requirements are also from the United States and Italy. They have clearly requested that all Chinese textile, garment, footwear and other export enterprises must pass the SA8000 standard certification beforehand, otherwise they will cooperate with France to boycott product imports.

SA8000 is another important international standard after ISO9000 and ISO14000. The final trend is bound to be widely accepted as the ISO9000 quality system and ISO14000 environmental standard. SA8000's founding machine CEPAA (Standards and Accreditation Advisory Committee) Coffman said: "SA8000 has the potential to be widely used. Because its end users are consumers all over the world, they will get a wider range when appropriate. Understanding and application, because wholesalers tend to choose to purchase goods from ethical factories in order to retain their retail customers. This is another quality of meaning and a selling point they provide, indicating that certification is only granted to have excellent working standards. enterprise."

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