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GOTS-Global Organic Textile Standard

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The global organic textile certification standard referred to as GOTS certification is the result of the harmonious development of senior standards certification bodies and high technology.

The purpose of the GOTS certification standard is to ensure the standardization of organic textiles from harvesting raw materials, through environmentally friendly and CSR-compliant production, and to final product packaging labeling to ensure a reliable product for the ultimate consumer. This new line of unique certification standards requires textile manufacturers to regulate the production of their organic textiles and garments with globally recognized standards, an important measure for the harmonization and transparency of textile labels.

This organic textile certification standard covers the entire process of planting, processing, packaging, labeling, exporting, importing, and distributing all natural fibers. Final products include, but are not limited to, fibers, fiber products, yarns, and apparel.

The main factors of global organic textile GOTS certification standards

First, these fibers are natural and grow organically based on the European standard EEC-2092/91 and the US organically grown USDA/NOP.

Second, consider the complete production process. In order to maximize environmental benefits, this means that each process must comply with the appropriate standards, which are described in the GOTS Organic Textile Certification Standards, which cover every step of spinning, weaving, washing, and so on.

Two labeling systems indicate the two levels of “organic” and “organic manufacturing”. All inputs must meet the following basic requirements in terms of toxicity and biodegradability: no toxic heavy metals, no formaldehyde, and non-GMO products. Environmental and social standards (based on the main ILO standards) that must be met in the manufacturing sector must be met. Moreover, it must be agreed with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements to pass the dual system test: on-site inspection and pesticide residue detection.

The International Organic Textiles Certification Working Group has been adhering to the belief that only high quality standards can improve the social and environmental conditions in textile manufacturing.

The GOTS certification standard is a globally recognized certification standard and many companies have passed inspections and certifications by approved GOTS certification bodies. Partnerships with large textile processing and manufacturing groups such as Wal-Mart are a very important factor in attracting more certified customers. Regarding product quality certification, GOTS provides a continuous quality control and certification system from the harvest site to the final shelf.

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