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The social responsibility guidelines of GRS certification

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C)  Social responsibility guidelines

Applicable to any part of the certification chain and begins with the waste collection station. This also means that suppliers of scrap are not yet in the scope of certification. The standards are working to extend social norms to the supply chain of waste collection stations for recycling purposes. 

7. Guidelines on worker health and safety

7.1 The certified company is required to submit a recent written study of the work environment safety and health risk assessment.

7.2 The certified company must hold a recent written manual on health, safety and hygiene qualifications, including the risk assessment issues mentioned above, such as accidents and emergency procedures, health procedures, and response to work conditions. The treatment of any risks that may occur.

7.3 A certified company must appoint a senior manager to be responsible for all health, safety and training matters.

7.4 All workers must wear appropriate protective clothing (protective masks, shoes, gloves) and these garments must be purchased or rented by a certified company.

8. Guidelines on workers’ rights

8.1 A mandatory or collateral workforce is not allowed in a certified company.

8.2 Identity documents or (monthly) deposits should not be held by a certified company.

8.3 Workers have the right to leave the company after making reasonable notice.

8.4 The accredited company shall grant all workers the right to freely participate in or form a trade union and to initiate active negotiations on wage issues. Alternative forms of trade unions and collective bargaining agencies, such as the establishment of local councils by certified companies and local governments, apply only to countries where unions are prohibited.

8.5 Establish appropriate procedures and take action where appropriate to ensure that workers' representatives are not discriminated against. These representatives should be able to reach out to relevant personnel and facilities to carry out their job duties as representatives.

8.6 Companies that are GRS-certified may not employ children. GRS-certified companies that have previously employed children should adopt and/or proactively implement educational programs that apply to these children. In practice, these measures taken by the company should include providing school education to the child child children involved until they reach the age of 16. Regarding the definition of the issue, “child” and “child labour” should appear in the text as defined by the ILO.

8.7 Persons between the ages of 16 and 18 may not be employed to work at night or in a hazardous environment. This is in accordance with the provisions of C138 and C182 in the ILO practice.

8.8 Salaries shall be paid in accordance with weekly work standards and shall not be lower than the national statutory standards or industry-standard benchmark wages.

8.9 All workers should be informed of their employment conditions in easy-to-understand written information. (for example, through an employment contract). This information should include wages and social benefits and insurance withheld by the company. This information should be told to workers before they start working. Every time a worker receives a salary, he or she should also know the details of their salary (for example, through a pay slip or registration form). Employment relationships must be based on national laws and policies.

8.10 The certified company shall not deduct the wages of the workers in any form, except for deductions permitted or required by national law.

8.11 Working hours should comply with national laws and industry benchmarks and be subject to greater protection.

8.12 The certified company shall comply with the regulations, the maximum working time per week shall not exceed 48 hours, and there shall be at least one day rest day every 7 days.

8.13 The accredited company shall establish an overtime policy that stipulates that overtime is voluntary and that the overtime hours per week shall not exceed 12 hours, and overtime pay shall be paid in additional.

8.14 A certified company should establish a recruitment policy that prohibits the termination of employment or dismissal of workers due to factors such as race, grade, nationality, region, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, community relations, and political beliefs.

8.15 Relevant worker rights and obligations and social insurance laws, regulations and policies should be observed as part of the employment contract. The above contract cannot be replaced by other short-term contracts, additional contracts or any other labor arrangements.

8.16 Any form of abuse or abuse is prohibited and any physical or psychological punishment is prohibited.

9. Guidelines for training

9.1 The health, hygiene and safety training activities as well as the participants and topics discussed should be documented. These records should be included in all work in the certified program.

9.2 All workers in the certified company must undergo health and safety training. There must be relevant records to check.

10. Guidelines on hygiene, danger and first aid

10.1 The certified company must have a clearly defined health guidance document.

10.2 Emergency measures must be clearly publicized and understood by all workers.

10.3 There must be a warning sign in every potentially hazardous area.

10.4 The first aid kit must be available and available.

10.5 Workers must have flushing facilities, clean drinking water and eating areas.

10.6 There must be running water and sanitary equipment in the dormitory or designated accommodation.

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