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GOTS Audit Checklist

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GOTS Audit Checklist

1. GOTS production manual

2. GOTS system plan

3. GOTS product specification

4. Business license, tax registration certificate, organization institutional code certificate

5. Production flow chart

6. Floor plan of the workshop and storage area (including

Machine arrangement, equipment list): Production line, storage area, etc. identify GOTS

Organic cotton and consistent with the plan

7. Supplier evaluation records: organic cotton raw materials, GOTS approved dyes, etc.

8. Evaluation of dyeing and auxiliaries: The dyeing aids used in GOTS orders must be evaluated by GOTS.

9. Raw material purchase invoices and shipping documents

10. Raw material acceptance inspection record

11. Production risk point (easy to pollute, easy to mix batch

Etc.) Control measures

12. GOTS production records: records of inputs, production, finished products, etc.

13. GOTS Cleaning Record

14. GOTS sales records: orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.

15. GOTS Production Training Record: GOTS Definition, GOTS Production Requirements

16. GOTS Special Label (Taro)

17. GOTS Total Balance Statistics: Finished Product Statistics: Finished Products - Raw Materials - Stock - Sales – Loss, Raw Material Statistics: Purchasing - Use - Stock

18. GOTS Product Sales Certificate (TC): A total of 12 copies, check the traceability records of all production and sales; total > 12, random check 12 traceability records

19. Social Compliance manual Society

Responsibility Handbook: SA8000/BSCI/WRAP, etc.

20. Appointment of the person in charge of social responsibility

21. Employee Handbook

22. Employee roster: Within 2 weeks before the audit date

23. Child Labor / Juvenile Management: Juvenile Worker List / Registration Certificate / Medical Examination / Juvenile Worker Protection Regulations

24. Personnel Recruitment File: Entry Record / Employee Registration Form / Labor Contract / Training Record / Resignation Record

25. Attendance Record: Random 6 months

26. Salary record: Salary corresponding to 6 months attendance

27. Social security records: work injury records, social security contributions, etc.

28. Occupational Health and Safety Assessment: Evaluation of the factory floor environment (noise, air, dust, etc.)

29. Record of labor insurance supplies: issued according to occupational health assessment report

30. Qualification certificate for dangerous and special positions:

31. Escape indicator

32. Fire drill record: Fire emergency plan, escape, fire drill

33. Health, safety, health, etc. (EHS) training record

34. First aid kit, first aid training: Every 50 people must have 1 person to hold a certificate

35. Trade union records

36. Canteen Health Permit, Worker Health Certificate

37. Environmental Policy

38. Appointment of the person in charge of environmental responsibility

39. Energy saving and emission reduction plan and record

40. Pollution permit

41. Sewage commissioned contract, invoice

42. Sewage monitoring report: COD, BOD, pH, ammonia nitrogen, total copper, color, etc.

43. Sewage treatment operation log: Daily operation record of sewage treatment station / Internal wastewater monitoring report

44. Sewage Discharge Statistics Report, COD Row

Statistics on discharge: monthly discharge of sewage, nearly 12 months; COD content per kilogram of textile emissions

(mg/kg) = 1000X annual average COD emission concentration (mg/l) x annual sewage discharge (m3) / annual textile production (kg)

45. (Hazardous) Waste Disposal Record: Dangerous Waste (Sludge) Treatment Agreement/Receiving Unit Hazardous Waste Treatment Qualification/Dangerous Waste (Sludge) Treatment Statistics

/Dangerous waste (sludge) receiving documents

46. Annual consumption records of water, electricity, coal, steam and chemicals: monthly statistics, nearly 12 months, and conversion of kilograms of textile consumption


1. This audit checklist is for reference, and the specific audit requirements are based on the latest version of the GOTS standard.

2. The OCS/OE audit document only needs to be prepared for the production part and does not involve social responsibility and environmental responsibility requirements.

The PDF version is as follows:

GOTS Audit Checklist.pdf

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