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The list of BSCI audit documents

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The list of BSCI audit documents

Taking the initiative to verify the factory can save a lot of time and effort. The proactive inspection has more time to prepare. Let us walk into the list of BSCI audit documents.

First, the training of relevant personnel:

1. A schedule of workers and management training schedules; documentation of workers' health and safety training.

2. If the worker is involved in hazardous machinery, electrical installations, and any other work that is at high risk, documentation of specific training is required.

3. Workers and management human resources training documents are required.

4. Documentary proof of the faculty's ability.

5. Training documents for all workers.

6. Finally, we need to regularly improve and enhance the communication and training of integrity performance.

Second, the relevant certificates and contracts:

1. To include a description of the work performed by the BSCI and evidence of the qualification of the BSCI executive.

2. An employment contract showing workers' rights and obligations.

3. Contracts for personnel, such as security personnel, contracts for cleaning and other services.

4. Contracts with any service provider, such as contracts for food service, transportation, agency, etc.

5. A worker contract, including a contract with a recruitment agent.

6. Contracts for effective inspection and insurance of machines and vehicles.

7. Official building certificate for safety and industry applicability.

8. Factory valid certificate and environmental license.

9. Invoice for purchase of personal protective equipment purchased by the manufacturer.

10. The factory's valid business license and all necessary official operating approval documents.

Third, records and reports:

1. Documentary proof of the production capacity plan.

2. The BSCI Code of Conduct and enforcement provisions should be distributed to evidence from key business partners.

3. Collective bargaining agreement meeting minutes or documents (if any).

4. Recruitment and dismissal of personnel procedures and records.

5. Documentation of the disciplinary procedure: documentary of the disciplinary time and the measures taken.

6. Documentary proof of worker performance evaluation.

7. Documentary proof of legal deduction of goods and services.

10. The legal minimum wage document for the industry.

11. Workers' payroll and payment vouchers.

12. Risk assessment and action plan for specific measures to protect young workers and young women workers.

13. Summary record of young workers: an overview of the work cycle of young workers.

14. Overview of subcontractors, company apprentices, and seasonal workers.

15. Environmental risk assessment records.

16. Documentary proof of chemical consumption, recovery and disposal.

17. Conduct official inspections to ensure safety records for buildings and equipment, including records of effective dates and corrective actions.

18. Personal records of all workers.

19. Documentary evidence of additional benefits, such as: applicable commercial insurance.

20. Updated social insurance fund documentation.

21. Wage range and calculation list.

22. Documentary evidence covering statutory permanent special circumstances of the manufacturer's industry.

23. Workers’ working hours, overtime records, including agreements with workers.

24. Unexpected documentation.

25. Risk assessment and action plan records for safe, healthy and healthy working conditions.

26. Occupational health and safety regulations applicable to the industry.

27. The Health and Safety Committee election process documentary proof meeting minutes.

28. Age verification procedures, such as procedures to avoid exploitation of children; procedures for improving child labour.

29. Records such as test reports, maintenance records, operations and safety guidelines.

30. Records of dangerous machines and fire fighting equipment.

With this BSCI review checklist, I wish you all a smooth inspection.

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