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List of Decathlon Factory audit documents (COC audit)

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List of Decathlon Factory audit documents (COC audit)

1.0** Company Overview - Personnel / Production / Production / (Brand) Market Distribution

1.1* Business License

1.2* Factory floor plan (including production area / logistics living area)

1.3* Factory Organization Chart

1.4* Production Process Flow Chart

1.5** Staff roster

2.1** Employee Handbook / Factory Planning / Security Regulations / Dormitory Rules and Regulations 2.2 Recruitment Procedures / Advertising

2.3** Employee registration (all employees) / labor contract (all employees)

2.4 Juvenile Work Registration Certificate and Working Arrangement (if applicable)

2.5 Medical records of juvenile workers and special types of work (if applicable)

3.0** Work Card/Time Sheet (a record of nearly 12 months, including off-season)

3.1 Comprehensive timing (overtime delay) approval

3.2 Production shift record (record record)

3.3 Rotation plan and record (if applicable)

3.4 Abnormal records such as overtime application/stopping and waiting for materials (application form, nearly 6 months)

3.5 Leave record (application form, nearly 6 months)

4.0 Local Government Minimum Wage Document

4.1** Payroll (the record for the last 12 months includes the off-season season, including the wage deduction record/worker signature)

4.2 Resignation application and resignation record and salary settlement (application form, nearly 6 months)

4.3 Record of violations (application form, nearly 6 months)

4.4 Social Security Insurance Payment Certificate and Participation Insurance (Addition and Subtraction) Register (nearly 6 months)

4.5 Social security (work injury / pension / unemployment / medical / maternity insurance, etc.) approval

5.1 Rules and regulations for the health and safety of fireworks in factories

5.2 List of production equipment / list of fire equipment and its distribution / health (fire) safety inspection records

5.3 Health (Fire) Safety Committee Organizational Structure / Personnel Responsibilities / Health (Fire) Safety Inspection Records

5.4 Safety Officer Qualification Certificate / First Aid Personnel Qualification Certificate / Medical Personnel Qualification Certificate

5.5 Factory Emergency Plan/Emergency Personnel Organization Structure and Training Record

5.6 Fire escape program / fire safety training record / fire escape (fire escape) exercise and simulated first aid record (photo)

5.7 First Aid Kit Drug List / Medication Record

5.8 sharp weapon transceiver control record / broken needle control record / metal detection record (if applicable)

5.9 Medical treatment records for large and small industrial accidents / recurrence prevention measures

5.10 Factory Building Structure Safety Certificate (Completion Acceptance Certificate) / Factory Fire Acceptance (Annual Inspection) Certificate

5.11 Special equipment (such as lifting equipment such as elevators, boilers, forklifts, etc.) registration permit/acceptance/annual inspection certificate

5.12 Special operator (elevator/forklift/electrician/welder/boiler) qualification (operation) certificate

6.0 Environmental regulations

6.1 Environmental Protection Emission Permit/Factory Production Engineering Project Environmental Assessment Report

6.2 Environmental Monitoring Report (such as toxic and hazardous workplace air quality test report / wastewater discharge test report)

6.3 Waste disposal regulations and records (including wastewater discharge charge certificates)

7.0 Canteen Health Permit/Canteen Staff Health Card or Medical Record

7.1 Dormitory rules and regulations

7.2 Security Ordinance / Security Registration Certificate

7.3 Trade union organization / employee welfare organization / employee representative election procedure, responsibilities, related activity records

7.4 Collection, processing, and feedback of employee opinions

*: Provided before the audit 

**: On-site audit priority is provided. 

Other: The site will randomly check any other relevant documents and records related to the entire production operation of the factory. Please cooperate. Thank you for your support.

The PDF version is as follows:

List of Decathlon Factory audit documents (COC audit).pdf

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