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Primark factory audit checklist

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The Primark audit checklist includes three parts: personnel information, occupational safety and health, and other categories. The details are as follows.

Firstly, cccupational safety and health

1. Environmental protection policy

2. Machine equipment safety operation guidelines

3. First aid certificate

4. First aid training record

5. Canteen hygiene permit

6. Chemical storage management list

7. Production accident record

8. Safety instructions for each process

9. Broken needle record (if applicable)

10. Machine equipment regular maintenance record

11. Air, noise or dust test report

12. Food Business Card Health Certificate

13. Environmental Impact Assessment Report

14. Fire safety management system

15. Building fire safety certificate

16. Fire training and drill records

17. Industrial pollution discharge permit

18. Fire protection facility inspection record

19. Material Material Safety Checklist / Chemical Material Safety Checklist

20. Special equipment use registration certificate (boiler, elevator, forklift, etc.).

21. Regular inspection reports for special equipment (boilers, elevators, forklifts, etc.).

22. Special equipment operation operation certificate (fire certificate, electrician certificate, elevator and forklift driver's license, etc.).

Secondly, personnel information of the Primark audit checklist

1. Personnel file

2. Factory regulations

3. Attendance record

4. Employee Handbook

5. Salary book

6. Roster

7. Personnel file

8. Recruitment policy

9. Labor contract

10. Medical record

11. Training record

12. Social Insurance Record

13. Trade union or employee committee records

14. Juvenile workers special protection policy / record

Thirdly, other documents

1. Business license (copy).

2. Tax registration certificate.

3. International certification (ISO9001/ISO14000/SA8000, etc.).

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