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Ten principles of FSC certification

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In order to achieve sustainable development of the forest, FSC certification appears in the timber market and appears in the home market... then let us know the principles of its certification!

Principle 1: Benefits from forests

Forest management activities should encourage the effective use of forest products and services to ensure the economic benefits of forests and broad social and environmental benefits.

Principle 2: Environmental impact

Forest management should protect biodiversity and its associated values, such as water resources, soils, and the value of unique and fragile ecosystems and landscapes, in order to maintain the ecological function and integrity of forests.

Principle 3: Business Planning

Forest management plans that are compatible with the scale and intensity of forest management should be developed and implemented and revised at any time. The long-term goals of the business and the means to achieve them should be clearly stated.

Principle 4: Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring should be carried out in accordance with the scale and intensity of forest management to assess forest conditions, forest product production, chain of custody, operational activities and their social and environmental impacts.

Principle 5: Compliance with the law and the principles of the FSC

Forest management should respect the laws of the country in which it is located and the international conventions and agreements it has signed, and comply with all FSC principles and standards.

Principle 6: Ownership, Use Rights and Responsibilities

The long-term ownership and use rights of land and forest resources should be clearly defined, documented and legal documents formed.

Principle 7: Plantation

Plantations should be planned and managed in accordance with Principles and Standards 1-9 and Principles 10 and their standards. Plantations can provide a range of social and economic benefits and help meet the world's demand for forest products, while it is natural. Forests form a supplement that relieves stress on natural forests and promotes the restoration and protection of natural forests.

Principle 8: The rights of indigenous people

The legal and traditional rights of indigenous people to own, use and operate their lands, territories and resources should be recognized and respected.

Principle 9: Community relations and the rights of workers

Forest management activities should maintain or enhance the long-term social and economic interests of forest workers and local communities.

Principle 10: Maintain high conservation value forests

Operating in high conservation value forests should maintain or enhance the characteristics of these forests and always take preventive measures to consider decisions about high conservation value forests.

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