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What are the key points or precautions for SCS certification?

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The key points or precautions for SCS certification are as follows:

1. Transportation safety of SCS certification.

The factory must conduct a surprise inspection of the transportation company (Must have record and program).

The lunch place and rest time should be clear, and the driver's route should be specified in the transportation contract.

2. Contents related to the training of relevant personnel of SCS certification.

Employee anti-terrorism training, training content should include identification of illegal activities, identification of internal conspiracy, loss of goods handling procedures, maintenance of cargo safety, identification and identification of dangerous goods, and the signing of training personnel, it is recommended to train employees and new employees Do together).

Training of security officers and security personnel (training includes: understanding of anti-terrorism incidents, building maintenance and internal conspiracy reports).

3. Information security for SCS certification.

Lock the lock after failing for 3 times.

4. Physical security of SCS certification.

Switch authorization (the photo and name of the authorized person are all in place where the cover is available).

Appointment letter (special person is responsible for factory safety management or supplier safety management, in short, where there is a hidden danger, a person in charge is appointed).

When SCS certification is an internal audit of suppliers, don't forget to make a set of safety evaluation criteria.

5. SCS certification is related to container security.

There must be a seal inspection procedure.

The monitoring is saved for 45 days (note that it is continuous for 45 days, no interruption for any reason is allowed).

Weighing of the goods (weighing after the finished product is loaded into the container).

6. SCS recognizes the relevant visitor control.

If there are many branch factories at an address, it is necessary to pay close attention to which factory is inspected. It is necessary to ensure that the area inspected by the customer is completely independent and monitored. It is important not to relax the vigilance and think that the entire plant area can be controlled; monitoring equipment There must also be a clear impact at night.

Visitors must present their photo IDs when entering the factory. Don't be too polite, fill out the ID number and name and issue the visiting card. If it is not a person, be sure to visit the one-to-one number in the future. They wear it at will.

When the vehicle is registered, the driver’s name and driver’s license information should be filled in. Don’t miss it.

Restricted areas and sensitive areas should be distinguished by the color of the brand.

Finally, there is a problem with personnel safety.

The program file is updated every 6 months.

Conduct a detailed background check before hiring employees.

Verify the basic information before hiring employees (the registration form for personal information includes work experience, current address, etc., signed by the information confirmer).

Conduct background checks on employees in sensitive positions (this should be noted that employees responsible for safety positions should be listed separately and periodic surveys should be conducted).

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