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The trend analysis of Primark factory audit

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In recent years, the Primark audit has become more and more difficult to pass, and the requirements for transparency have become higher and higher. Consultants of Tranwin spent a lot of time to review historical data, communicated with many insiders who have a deep study on the Primark audit , and concluded that this is an inevitable trend. We would like to share here and hope it to be helpful to you.

The global economic situation makes it happen. The strengthening of trade barriers and the restriction of exports will inevitably lead to the elimination of some domestic manufacturers. Who will be the victims? Of course, it is impossible to eliminate factories which are of really good work. It is absolutely necessary to eliminate factories with the poor management, high risk, and the fraudulent practice. Therefore, Primark's standards will be strict, and 2017 will only be stricter and more transparent.

The basic principle of business - integrity. No one that violates the principle of good faith can become a century-old business. Brand owners are also very aware of the importance of integrity to their entire supply chain system, and it is impossible to really encourage their suppliers to falsify their operations. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting and transparency itself are inevitable trends. Especially Primark. This brand that especially advocates integrity and transparency

The living space for fraud is getting smaller and smaller. In the case of brand manufacturers, there must be a lot of manufacturers to cooperate with, and most manufacturers are at the same level. When they use some fake means, the brand has no choice. If they are too serious, no one will make the order, and the business will not continue.  At the moment, more and more factories are actually improving the standard management. There are already some alternative foundations, plus some improvements in the national regulations, such as the slower fire inspection in some areas, which is more standardized and executable. Then, the brand's orders were partially diverted to Southeast Asia, and the demand for Chinese factories was less urgent. Together, these conditions can, of course, engage in the survival of the fittest and earnestly implement transparent standards.

As analyzed above, we can clearly understand that Primark's auditing difficulties have its objective reasons, and the standardization of corporate social responsibility management is an inevitable trend.

Friendly reminder: Primark hates the phenomenon of fake factory inspections and bribery inspections in Chinese factories. In order to ensure the authenticity of the audit results, Primark is more and more inclined to self-review, rather than through third-party audits. It is true that Primark's approach is more able to achieve fairness in the distribution of its orders. It is advantageous for factories with higher management levels and better corporate social responsibility. If you want to take more Primark orders, please improve management first. Do a good job in social responsibility.

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