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Target Audit Document Checklist

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Target Audit Document Checklist

1. Business Registration License

2. Floor Plan

3. Personnel files (including employment registration record, photocopy of ID card or legal identification, etc.) 

4. Labour contracts 

5. Health examination records (if applicable)

6. Factory regulations and employee manual (including the policies for working-hour system, overtime compensation and other legal benefits, etc.)

7. Local minimum wage notice

8. Payment receipts and official testimonials on coverage of social insurance schemes

9. Payroll records of the most recent consecutive 12 months and the corresponding attendance records

10. Leave application and resignation/termination records

11. Production records (e.g. daily production records, material in/out records, QC inspection records,

broken needle records, etc.)

12. Fire safety inspection and fire drill records

13. MSDS for hazardous substances/chemicals (if applicable)

14. Work permits for special and dangerous operations (e.g. electrician certificate, forklift operator certificate, etc., if applicable)

15. Safety certificates (e.g. for elevator, boiler, etc., if applicable)

16. Kitchen/canteen hygiene certificate

17. Kitchen/canteen worker health certificates

18. Injuryrecords

19. First aider certificates

20. Environmental protection documents (if applicable)

Hereunder is the PDF version of 'Target Audit Document Checklist' for your reference.

Target Audit Document Checklist.pdf

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