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Steps of a BSCI certification

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BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an advocate for business compliance with social responsibility, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and in 2003 by the Foreign Trade Association (English: Free Trade Agreement, FTA, representing international business for free trade). The purpose of the association is to develop implementation measures and procedures for the European business community to comply with the social responsibility plan. Currently, BSCI has absorbed more than 2,000 members in Germany, most of which are European retailers and buyers. They will actively promote their BSCI audits in countries around the world to improve their human rights situation.

Materials needed: business license, tax registration certificate.

Steps of BSCI certification:

1) Confirm the need for certification with foreign trade guests:

There are many types of social responsibility assessment projects; if BSCI certification, it is necessary to further confirm whether Y has some quality and counter-terrorism assessments;

2) A confirmation letter requesting foreign trade guests to provide BSCI certification requirements:

To apply for BSCI certification, you must obtain written confirmation from the guest to prove that the guest is a BSCI member and also prove that we are the supplier of the customer;

3) Organize BSCI self-evaluation within the enterprise:

Self-evaluation according to the BSCI Self-Assessment Form and submitted at the time of certification application;

4) Submit the certification application to the certification body:

Propose an application for certification and sign a certification contract;

5) Prepare for on-site audit:

After the contract review of the certification body is completed, we should prepare relevant improvement work for on-site audit, such as: on-site rectification, preparation of documents and so on.

6) Obtain the audit report after the on-site audit:

After the certification company's on-site audit is completed, an audit report is provided, signed and confirmed by the company, and a copy is retained to submit the results of the audit; the certification body will also submit it on the BSCI official website within one week. An audit report of the electronic file; for more guests to inquire.


Most of the certification bodies that apply for are also called fair lines;

The selection of the certification body should be confirmed with the guests to ensure the approval of the final audit report; confirm whether there is a preferential price for BSCI audit between the certification bodies and the guests. Generally, the large guests will have the long-term cooperation with them, they might enjoy lower prices.

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