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The application of FSC certification in the printing industry

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According to US statistics, nearly 200 printing plants in the United States have obtained FSC forest certification before the deadline. Since last year, the list of FSC-certified printing plants has maintained rapid growth, from the first few dozen to the present. More and more companies have joined the ranks.

FSC is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. At the establishment of the conference, 130 delegates from 25 countries and other broadly representative organizations such as forest workers’ organizations, social and indigenous organizations, the timber industry and international environmental organizations participated in the conference.

The FSC is an independent, not-for-profit NGO. Anyone interested in forests and their forest products. And if you recognize the FSC Forest Certification Goals, you can become a member of the organization. Current members include various business organizations, environmental organizations and social and human organizations. The FSC certification aims to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management activities. To achieve these goals, it advocates voluntary, independent, and third-party certification as the main method.

Each country's certification is based on 10 common guidelines and forest evaluation criteria, including social, environmental and economic factors, forest managers and evaluators based on these factors. The FSC Forest Certification Process requires 10 guidelines and standards to be applied to each country's standards. To ensure that the guidelines and standards are appropriate to reflect local conditions, each meeting is organized by a wide range of industry representatives to discuss the adaptability of guidelines and standards.

The author of the popular Harry Potter books, Rowling, has asked for the use of FSC forest-certified paper to print its latest work. The Finnish and American versions of Harry Potter's Chapter 7 "Harry Potter and the Necromancer" are printed on FSC-certified environmentally friendly paper, creating a sustainable use throughout the media industry. The trend of sex paper. In the United States, the first publication of "Harry Potter and Necromancer" printed 12 million copies, using more than 10,000 tons of FSC certified paper, accounting for 65% of its total paper, which means that these papers come from Forest land that is managed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Some commentators say this is an important milestone for the printing industry to be responsible for society and the environment. The use of wood products from well-managed forests has a global impact on protecting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of local communities.

At present, more than 7,000 pulp suppliers, manufacturers, traders and printers in 84 countries around the world have obtained FSC certification, which has increased the chances for consumers to choose to purchase certified products. Consumers are also increasingly interested in FSC forest certification products, ensuring that forest companies gain the economic incentive to operate forests in a responsible manner.

Printing companies adopt green paper after FSC forest certification, and take green action to print green. It not only protects the environment, but also guarantees its own economic interests and contributes to giving back to the society and promoting the sustainable development of society.

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