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What are the on-site documents of FSC certification?

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The FSC certification has become the standard for the export of the wood products industry to the EU market. The FSC certificate is valid for five years, and the annual review is required every year. When it comes to the annual FSC certification audit, companies have to prepare the corresponding documents and records in accordance with the FSC certification standards. The following are the relevant documents that FSC certification auditors usually need to view at the site:

Materials must be isolated at all stages of the production system phase.

Logs, bulk wood, timber piles, etc. must have a unique identification (number) for traceable material sources.

Traceability must be carried out throughout the procurement, processing and final product loading process of the material.

Document the procedures and work instructions related to the production process that recognizes the use of wood.

Keep accurate production records for each batch of approved materials.

Products produced from approved materials must be clearly marked and isolated from products produced from non-approved materials.

Record program files for processing, storage, packaging and shipping.

Licensed materials and illegal materials are stored separately.

Packaging and labeling approved products to determine the status of the source of the material.

Mark the licensed product in accordance with the certification management regulations.

Define the duties of the personnel.

Provide full job training for personnel.

Document and make staff understand the program files and work instructions for the main activities.

Record and maintain sufficient records of major activities and production processes.

Document the procurement of materials and the program files selected by the supplier.

A record sufficient to identify purchased materials: material source, material type, characteristics, quantity, certificate number, etc.

Material identification of purchased and processed materials makes it easy to distinguish between approved and non-approved sources.

The identification method usually uses a combination of color code or special mark with: barcode, memory card, work card, batch card, and the like.

Materials from recognized and non-approved sources should be physically isolated to prevent mixing.

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