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What is the process of RWS certification?

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RWS Certification - The responsible wool standard is an independent, voluntary standard, which means the company can choose to be certified. RWS is a newer certification, the standard for the whole process from sheep pasture, wool processing, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, and garment processing. On the farm, certification ensures that sheep are treated with respect for their five freedoms and ensures best practices in managing and protecting the land. The RWS certification ensures that the wool on the certified farm is properly identified and tracked.

Usually, the RWS certification takes about 2-3 months, and the application process is as follows:

1. Application

CU is a Dutch-based certification company with an office in China. After receiving the officially signed application form and verifying it, CU will evaluate the feasibility and related costs of the certification.

2. Contract

After evaluating the application form, the auditing agency will quote according to the application, and the budgetary expenses will be detailed in the contract. The applicant will confirm the signature after receiving the contract. After receiving the signed contract, the RWS registration audit agency will Register for the applicant and issue a registration number. After the audit agency issues a quotation contract, the company needs to pay.

3. RWS audit

After confirming that the necessary system documents have been sorted out, the auditing agency will arrange for the auditors to go to the on-site audit. Within two weeks after the audit, the official report will be issued. RWS certification auditing agency will issue the consultation within two weeks after receiving the official report. When there is a non-conformity, different measures are taken according to the actual situation. If all the non-conformities are corrected at the specified time, the certificate of eligibility will be issued to the applicant before the original is issued. If the applicant confirms the correctness, the original qualification certificate will be issued and sent to the applicant's address.

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