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What is WalMart factory audit?

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WalMart audits refer to Wal-Mart's audit or evaluation of the plant in accordance with a rigorous supplier standard system. At present, Wal-Mart's standard audits for all suppliers mainly include social responsibility auditing, quality auditing, and anti-terrorism auditing. The Wal-Mart audit is a necessary prerequisite for obtaining Wal-Mart brand orders. The social responsibility audit is Wal-Mart. The most important part of the factory inspection. The Wal-Mart audit process includes five parts:

1. Initial meeting: Introduce the purpose, time schedule and operation method of the audit, list the documents needed, introduce the specific details of the on-site audit and employee interviews, and answer the questions from the factory representatives.

2. On-site audit: The auditor conducts a series of inspections on the site's fire protection facilities, maintenance of machinery and equipment, ventilation and lighting of the work area, and environmental protection work to ensure that the above projects are in compliance with Wal-Mart's auditing standards.

3. Document data review: The auditor checks the documents of the factory according to the requirements of Wal-Mart, including the employee's wage time record, employee information, and other production records. All documents and documents are required to be kept for the last 12 months. The month must meet the requirements.

4. Employee interviews: The list of employee interviewers is drawn from the on-site and personnel data. It is mainly biased towards some younger and more honest employees. The employee interviews are conducted independently, and the factory representatives are not allowed to intervene.

5. Review and summary meeting: The auditor issues an interim audit report, summarizes the problems existing in the factory and the areas that need improvement. If necessary, it may need to follow up the audit, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

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