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GRS certification, how much do you know?

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The GRS Certification is an international, voluntary, and complete product standard that addresses supply chain manufacturers' product recycling/regeneration components, regulatory chain controls, social responsibility and environmental regulations, and chemical restrictions. Execution and certification by a third-party certification body.

The GRS certification is designed to meet the recycling/recycling ingredients contained in the products (including finished and semi-finished products) that the company has verified, and to verify the social responsibility, environmental regulations and chemical use related operations.

The goal of GRS is to ensure that the claims on the relevant products are correct. Also ensure that the product is in a good working environment. And production operations with minimal environmental impact and chemical impact.

Global recycling standards apply to all companies (units) that produce or sell GRS products. This standard includes recycled materials that are processed, manufactured, packaged, labelled, sold and used in all products containing at least 20%. Relevant material collection points and material collection points are not required for GRS certification, but must be stated that they must comply with a series of specifications listed in this standard and agree to the random inspection of the certification body on this basis. The scope of the certified product is based on the concept of textile products, but the scope of certification is not limited to the textile products industry. In this case, the outsourced production unit (for partial or full processing of the final product) must comply with the specifications of the GRS standard.

The purpose of these standards is to ensure the use of materials of choice in the chain of custody and to provide tools for labeling the final product.

The GRS was originally developed by Control Union in 2008. On January 1, 2011, the standard ownership was transferred to the Textile Exchange.

The Textiles Trading Organization revised this standard in early 2012 with the goal of making the standards more robust and including new chemical requirements. The development of the revision of this standard was carried out by an international working group. Working group members include IMO, IntertekControl Union, ICEA, and SCS Global Services. Stakeholder groups in the industry, of course retailers, brands, suppliers and other industry committee members have also reviewed this standard to ensure that it is a practical industrial tool.

The GRS certification standard is a voluntary standard and does not replace the legal, regulatory or regulatory requirements of any country. Each operating unit must comply with all applicable laws and related marketing, human and business practices. Applying the GRS standard to the product flow between certified units and units covers the scope of manufacturing, storage, handling and transportation.

Finally, the GRS certification system can be applied to all units in the supply chain. Includes commercial to commercial (B2B) transactions from all processing units to the final buyer.

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