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FCCA Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who gets the results of FCCA and then what happens?  

QA receives the FCCA report from the 3rd party auditor. Corp QA will conduct the final Audit. Upon approval, Retail Link is updated to a normal factory status and an email with the results is sent to the supplier, merchandising and sourcing from ES coordinators.  

2. For a new supplier, how do we know if an FCCA is required?   

FCCA is required for all new factories of A suppliers.

3. When should a factory be assessed thru FCCA? 

The new factory should be pre-qualified for FCCA before order commitment.  

4. If an existing factory fails FCCA for 1 department, would it affect orders for other departments?  

Yes, because the factory ID will be inactivated.  

5. How long would it take for any re-audit? How much will it cost? How about follow-up audit?

Re-audit timeline depends on the non-compliance issues and how long the factory can rectify the problem. Re-audit is a full FCCA audit that costs $850. Follow-up audit is for corrective actions based on the initial audit result, which costs around $100~700.

6. How many times can a factory be re-audited?  

There is no limit as to how many times a factory can be re-audited.  

7. What is the process lead time for FCCA? 

Process lead time for FCCA is around 20 working days from supplier equest to final Audit result.  

8. If Buy Trip happened last year and PO is created this year, would the factory be required with FCCA? 

The factory would still be required with FCCA audit.  

9. For an existing toy supplier having a new factory, would it need to pass just ICTI or FCCA or both?

The factory has to pass “both” FCCA and ICTI.

10. If a factory has not been audited for FCCA, can the factory be used in MPA?  

Yes, factory will remain active until the factory fails FCCA and ES Inactivates the factory in Retail Link.  

11. If a factory passes FCCA, how long will the result be valid? 

The FCCA audit is valid for 18 months. Existing factories being inactive or without PO’s over 18 months are required to pass FCCA before the supplier can receive order commitment. 

12. If a supplier is classified as B for one country and being classified as A for another country / department, would FCCA be required? 

All A suppliers with new factories must be FCCA audited.   

13. If an A supplier is using a factory already supplying to B supplier, would FCCA still be required? 

All A suppliers with new factories must be FCCA audited. 

14. If a supplier is going to reactivate a factory that is currently inactive in Retail Link, is FCCA mandatory for this factory? 

FCCA will be required if the factory has been inactive in Retail Link over 18 months. 

15. What’s included in $850 per audit? Does it include all the expenses, such as auditors’ transportation and accommodation? 

Yes. The fee should cover all expense.

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