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The latest questions and answers for COSTCO audits

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Costco, a warehouse supermarket in the United States. Feedbacks from export companies, Costco procurement is not only large, but also good prices, so Costco has become the target of domestic export companies. But to become a Costco qualified supplier is not an easy task. Export companies must cross the COSTCO audit.

What are the latest requirements for COSTCO audit? The following is answered by Shanghai Tranwin:

1. What projects does the Costco audit include?

It usually includes three aspects: social responsibility, anti-terrorism and quality inspection. However, at present, social responsibility and anti-terrorism are almost all reviewed together. Social responsibility and quality audit are comprehensive, and counter-terrorism is relatively simple.

2. What is the Costco GMP audit?

COSTCO GMP audit is a special name for Costco quality audit. It is very different from other customers' quality audits. There are many special requirements for them. For example, for risk assessment, the company loses more points and is more difficult.

3. Why do you want to pass the Costco audit?

To put it simply, after Costco has communicated with you, it is necessary to pass their supplier audit before the official cooperation, which is commonly known as Costco audit. After passing, it is possible to become a qualified supplier or ship.

4. Can Costco accept other audit reports?

Previously, many garment home textile companies were required to conduct WRAP certification, but the project was difficult to audit, and the audit cost was high and the cycle was long. In fact, in addition to having its own COC auditing standards, it also accepts other projects, such as SMETA and C-TAPT reports, to replace WRAP certification. If the company applies for it, it is a safer alternative to apply for the SMETA project and then submit it to the customer.

5. How to write CAP after Costco audit?

After the review, the English CAP needs to be submitted regardless of whether it has been passed. Beginning this year, the English CAP and improvement evidence will need to be submitted on the COSTCO system, and the audit company will review it one by one. If you don't write it, you will be asked to resubmit. There are only three chances, more than the factory needs to pay the relevant fees.

6. What is the term of validity of the Costco audit?

Usually one year, if there are serious problems or the scores are not enough, re-audit will be required within 3-6 months. Customers need suppliers to continue to improve and continuously improve management.

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