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What is the Costco audit?

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COSTCO is a large-scale membership chain wholesale and retail market with 327 chain stores in 7 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and other regions. Each store has an average floor space of more than 130,000 square feet. TCO adopts a membership-based shopping method, and members only need to pay a $40 annual membership fee to buy the required items below the market price of 5%-30%. The products sold by COSTCO are mainly in the form of wholesale large-packaged goods, which include food, home appliances, computers, daily necessities, hardware, tires and even automobiles. In 1998, COSTCO joined the gas station in the business project. Customers who hold the membership card can buy gasoline at 20% of the market price at COSTCO's own gas station.


Costco will endeavor to maintain the rights and safety of its suppliers' employees, and Costco believes in and respects cultural and legal differences around the world. For this purpose, Costco:

1. It is forbidden to use illegal child labor, prison labor or slavery and abuse of employees.

2. Suppliers are expected to comply with at least the labor laws and environmental regulations of the host country.

3. Encourage suppliers to strive to achieve “above or exceed the goals of Costco (Supplier Code of Conduct)”

With this step, Costco believes in providing employees with viable and definite protection and improvement. Costco's Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers working with Costco, and Costco will work with suppliers who are committed to implementing this Code of Conduct or have taken action, and Costco has the right to and cannot comply with this Code of Conduct. The supplier terminates the business relationship. Costco may amend, enforce and/or interpret this Supplier Code of Conduct; except for Costco, the Code does not create any bias and is beneficial to either party.


Above or beyond Costco's Code of Conduct for Suppliers means that the programs and policies adopted by suppliers and related production units exceed the legal requirements of the time and continue to improve the working conditions and environmental protection of employees. The suppliers and related production units used by Costco are striving to achieve this goal and are committed to protecting and improving the rights, safety and working environment of employees.

Costco refers to Costco's head office, subsidiaries and joint ventures, including Costco Wholesale Canada Limited, Costco Wholesale UK Limited, Costco Wholesale Korea Limited, Costco (Taiwan) Good City Co., Ltd., Costco Mexico. SA de C V and Costco Wholesale Japan Ltd. These are collectively referred to as "Costco".

Production facilities refer to the main production units, processing plants or production plants that produce goods. The production facility may be owned by the supplier or subcontractor. Regardless of the relationship of the supplier or subcontractor, the supplier is responsible for ensuring that the production facilities comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Commodity means that all products are stated on Costco purchase orders and packaging, including pallets, instructions, warranties, and all other materials and services included in the merchandise.

A supplier is a company that provides goods to Costco, including parent companies, members, subsidiaries/subsidiaries, agents, representatives, and family members, as well as other businesses, names, or trademarks associated with the sale of Costco's goods.

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