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RWS - a measurement tool.

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Simply speaking, the RWS certification is similar to the RDS certification.

The RWS certification standard for Responsible Wool was released in early 2016, providing benchmarks for animal husbandry and land management practices for the industry and improving traceability.

The Responsible Wool RWS Certification Standard is a measurement tool used to validate practices that global farmers can do to ensure that wool comes from humanely treated sheep, as well as from farms that manage their land in a gradual manner, and build farmers, consumers and brands. Communication and understanding between.

The Responsible Wool RWS certification standard also provides a sound regulatory system chain from farm to final product to ensure consumer confidence in RWS products.

RH&M has been loyal to nature for many times. At the end of August, it was announced that it would take 10,000 euros a year to develop the recycling technology of old clothes. In a few days, it cooperated with HSI, the international humane treatment society.

The purpose of this collaboration is not only to regulate H&M's use of animal skins or other body parts, but also to ban animal experiments on beauty products on a global scale. Details that are currently known include: protecting the health of hair-raising animals; avoiding the sale of any cherished and endangered birds and beasts; prohibiting the use of Angora rabbit fur, live birds or forcibly feeding bird feathers; only accepting cows, buffalo, Sheep, goats, fish and pig skin, as these are common farm animals.

Responsible wool RWS certification standards are created to protect the recycling of animals and land.

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