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Disney's factory audit procedure

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Disney's factory audit procedure introduces itself and identifies the identity. If the factory does not have a Disney production code (COC), it briefly introduces the content of the code and provides them with a copy to ensure that the factory understands the purpose of the audit.

First meeting

Self-introduction and identity confirmation

If the factory does not have a Disney Production Code (COC), briefly introduce the contents of the code and provide them with a copy.

Understand the basic information of the factory, such as contact, address, telephone number, number of people, type of production product, presence or absence of alias, etc.

Ensure that the factory understands the purpose of the audit

Briefly describe the review process

Obtain the factory floor plan to ensure that all areas within the factory are inspected √ Ensure that the factory has the documents required to provide the audit at the site

 Ask management to provide a place for workers to interview

Ask management

Request a list of all chemicals used in the factory

Factory inspection

Health and safety inspection: Ensure that the working environment of the factory meets the requirements of local and production codes; ensure that the factory does not violate environmental regulations #8226Fire safety

Machine Safety

Chemical storage

First aid

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Eye mask



Environmental protection

1. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

2. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

3. Air Quality Management District (AQMD)

4. Chemical exposure limits

5. Dangerous goods waste

6. Other potential hazards (air quality, wastewater treatment, pollution, recycling)

Select workers to participate in the interview

Identify whether there is any suspicious child labor

Ask a question about a suspicious situation

Workers don't work or speed up work

Vehicles entering and leaving the factory

Check the production process: Is there a subcontract?

Document review

Purpose: To ensure the legality of the operation of the plant; to ensure that the factory meets the requirements of local laws and regulations

List of documents

1. Work card or attendance record (last 12 months)

2. Payroll (last 12 months)

3. Personnel roster and employee profile

4. Labor contract

5. Social insurance receipts, rosters and certificates of conformity, etc.

6. Business license

7. Fire inspection report or certificate of conformity

8. Fire drill records, emergency evacuation plans and work injury records, etc. 9. Environmental certification documents

10. Factory regulations or employee manual

11. Government related local minimum wage regulations

12. Equipment safety permit (such as elevator use permit, kitchen hygiene permit, etc.) 13. Special worker employment certificate (such as elevator workers, electricians, kitchen hygiene permits, etc.)

14. Approval of the local labor bureau for extending overtime work

15. Juvenile workers medical examination and labor bureau registration records

16. Factory floor plan

Child labor proof

Picking a small employee during the factory inspection 

Spot check in the personnel file

Selected 25 workers interview

In the course of the interview, there is inconsistency in the cross-checking of the personnel files When the child labor is found (current or historical), the worker's job number, name, date of birth, date of entry must be registered.

Purpose of the interview

Learn about the actual operation of the factory from the worker level

Get information that is not available in other processes and the consistency of the documents in question √ Have a deeper understanding of the anomalous areas

Interview Questionnaire (EIQ)

Number of interviewed workers = 25% of the total number of workers, but no more than 25 workers expanded the number of interviews

The violations discovered require a deeper understanding, such as family work, false books, etc.

The worker’s identification document and the worker’s actual answer have a discrepancies in the selection process.

50% of workers pick during the factory inspection process

Young worker

Picking from all departments

If conditions permit, the gender ratio should be equal, racial equivalent #8226 dangerous job workers

50% of workers choose from payroll, work card and document review #8226 overtime workers

Low-wage workers

Interview must be conducted without the presence of management personnel

One-on-one talk, can't group interviews


Workers involved in the interview must be informed that all interviews are confidential √ The name of the worker who reflects the problem cannot appear on the report

Interview skills

Friendly - this makes workers relax and open their minds

EIQ as a guide, but not limited to face-to-face interviews

Different countries have different problems for workers. For example, Honduras focuses on child labor, Mexico focuses on pregnancy testing, China is overtime, and Turkey has the last meeting for prayer.

Inform management that the audit has been completed

Returning borrowed documents for audit

Thanks for their support and cooperation

Interpret the problems found, answer factory questions, and Write Improvement Plan Confirmation Report (CAPAR) 

Education and provide best operational guidelines for improvement to help the factory meet the requirements of the Code

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